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Step 1: Web Research

The very first step of any freelancer is to get inside your business and find out exactly what you are offering, who your target market is.. Read more

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Step 2: Site Optimisation

With the keywords identified, the next stage is to re-code your website, this is know as on-page optimisation, the process of going.. Read more

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Step 3: Online Marketing

Now that the on-page optimisation is complete, it is time to begin the 'off-page' optimisation, this is still the most crucial part .. Read more

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Step 4: Website Growth

While your campaign is on-going, there will usually be a sudden increase in traffic as your website becomes more.. Read more

Paul Tovey and Andrew Mobbs, London based freelance search engine optimisation consultants.
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What is more powerful that having people interested in your services finding your business online? People love to make their own decisions and always research things before making a purchase, be it a product or a service. How valuable is that top spot of Google for your business?

My name is Paul Tovey, the founder of Freelance SEO and I am now joined by a fellow freelancer, Andrew Mobbs. We are both Professional London based search engine optimisation consultants with years of experience in results with the largest search engine in the world, Google. Initially this business was funded by the Prince Trust and we aim to deliver the very best affordable SEO services to the UK by bringing your business up the ranks of Google.

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There are so many aspects and principles in this field that I thought I would cover a few of them today, infact, all of them! Lets start at the top: On Page SEO - (Often referred to as onsite optimisation) This is often the most under-appreciated part of a website. Search engines think of your websites code in the same way they would the contents of a book. By putting your website together so that it reads well for users and search engines, Google will rank your website higher in the SERP’s, try to see it this way, if you were Google, would you rank a website first that you knew was about Digital Cameras or knew was about Digital Cameras via the code? Back links - This is the main area that anybody who has done a small amount of research or knows nothing of SEO thinks is very dangerous. Back linking is only dangerous if you do it badly or pay an idiot to do it. This has the ability to make or break a website so if you've had any ‘SEO Guru’ do work for you before, please let me know so I can investigate the quality. In summary, links are basically perceived as a recommendation to a search engine. So the more links you have, the higher your reputation is on search engines, however, since Penguin and Panda, quality is far more important than quantity!
Reputation: Search engines are very particular about a site’s reputation. What will make it reputable? There should be a consistent supply of fresh and engaging content, and an increasing number of quality links. If your website has both, then Google or Bing will consider you a rising star. In this case, your site has nowhere else to go but up the search ranking. Because reputation isn’t the only requirement that needs to be met, you must hire SEO services. Through these, you’ll know what your website lacks, and how you can better improve it, so it will look good on the eyes of search engines and online users.
“Should I use SEO?” is a questions I get all of the time and my answer is always a huge yes. SEO is similar to offline marketing strategies in the sense that you need to research about your target audience to determine the best campaign or tools to use. You can’t just roll out an ad on magazines simply because it’s the most popular option. If very few of your clients read or subscribe to magazines, all your efforts will be wasted. Online, search results matter. They help your website gain higher rankings, so that more people can find you, something only SEO can do. Now, put this idea in terms of quantities.

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Say for every visit, you make £1, and then £10 for every completed transaction. This means they buy a product or sign up for a newsletter. Keywords: Search engines take into account all the words used on your website, which will then use them as a reference to identify if your site has something that a user is looking for. Take for example, airline ticket. When someone searches for it on Google or Bing, a search engine will then narrow down the results to pages that only contain the keywords “airline ticket”. Website Content: Say you provide shoe repair services. If the phrase shoe repair services appears on your website often (not spammed, just often), combined with links from reputable websites, establishes to a search engine that this phrase is related to your website. In its most basic terms, when someone searches for “shoe repair services”, your website will rank well. If it’s the first thing that users see on SERPs, it will be the first site that they will visit. If your website is at the top 5, users are likely to click on it and check out what you’re offering. For all 10 visits, you made £10. If 6 out of 10 visitors purchased a product, then you made an additional £60. If you’re talking in terms of actual price, the figures won’t be too shabby, right? So think about it. Would you rather stick to offline marketing strategies that can only do so much? Why settle for a pittance when you can get bigger returns?
seo uk
seo uk

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Still not convinced? Then take a look at some of the advantages that SEO can do for your business. A great investment. Some people, especially small business owners, believe that website optimisation is just another expense, a ploy for marketing companies to make money off them. While you do need to pay for SEO services, the cost is lower than print advertising or TV commercials. And, unlike traditional media, it has higher returns, making it a lucrative investment. This is especially true when it’s tied with Web analytics, where you can identify which keywords have high conversion rates, raising your ranking on search engines significantly. Even when your site is only on the 2nd position, you still have plenty of opportunities to make sales. If a majority of the keywords you use have great conversion rates, imagine the profit you will make. Since we’re on the topic of cost, let’s dig deeper, shall we? As already mentioned, SEO costs less than traditional marketing media, but how low is low? Don’t look at it on price alone. When comparing quotes, find out why some SEO companies charge twice as much and why others only require a little amount.
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If the most expensive guarantees to help you reach your growth rate and financial goals in half the time than what cheap SEO providers promise, then you’re not actually spending a lot. You do get returns quickly. If 1% of the estimated 3 billion internet users bought a product from your highly optimised website, you’ll be making tons of money. The primary role of SEO is to increase your website’s visibility, helping people find it online. Done right, you could be in the spotlight for weeks. Since your site is open round the clock and all year long, it pulls in leads, opt-ins and sales like a well-oiled machine. You won’t even have to do anything much, except make changes or updates whenever needed. If your website is built without optimisation in mind, there’s a possibility that you might have to revamp it. You see, SEO isn’t just about rankings and how to meet requirements of a search engine’s algorithm, but also to make online users happy and satisfied. There’s no better way to achieve this than to build a user-friendly and fast website. It has to be visually appealing and functional at the same time. Moreover, the site must be optimised for search engines.
seo uk
seo uk
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This is where on-page SEO becomes handy. Boosts brand awareness. Ranking in top positions results in significant impressions, increasing your site’s web presence in the process. The more people see it, the more popular it becomes. Now, because high ranking websites are perceived as more credible and authoritative, SEO can also boost brand reputation. When this happens, you can venture into new markets with the confidence that loyal customers will continue to provide support. After all, they’re well-aware that your company is trustworthy. Social networks should be as much part of your marketing strategies as SEO. Engaging in social media allows you to be more personal with your clients, and open lines of communication, which will boost your company’s reputation, not just your website. To ensure you stay active and your posts are shared by users, you need SEO. This is because all the parameters needed to make you sociable are directly related to website optimisation. These are just a few of the benefits of SEO. Don’t you think it’s time you enjoy these advantages, too? If you’re ready to take your site to the next level, check out services you can hire from Freelance SEO. Social networks should be as much part of your marketing strategies as SEO. Engaging in social media allows you to be more personal with your clients, and open lines of communication, which will boost your company’s reputation, not just your website.